Summer Olympic

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This week starts our Summer Program. We will start off with our Summer Olympics. The children begin by coming up with a list of different events they think will happen in the Olympics with the help from their teachers. Then, the children will vote on which sporting event they would like to participate in and then practice for the event all week long.

On Friday the children will have the opportunity to show off their skills they have acquired. To end the Olympics, they will all receive a special ribbon!

They will also learn about how all the countries participate in the Olympics and how the opening ceremony works with introductions with the countries flags. And what the ring symbol symbolizes.
We have a lot of fun activities coming this summer and we look forward to sharing them.

Next, make paper suitcases and look through magazines to find the items on their list to put inside their paper suitcases. They will also make their own airplane tickets to travel.
Finally, set up their classroom as an airplane and up, up and away-fly to Honolulu.
They will do sightseeing, buy souvenirs to take home, and make their own postcards! (pretend)

Lastly, they will do a science experiment and create their own volcano.


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