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The Learning Center of South Park serves parents who live or work in the Clear Lake area of Orlando.

Our daycare location is just a 13-minute drive from your area. From Clear Lake, head south and turn left toward S John Young Pkwy and turn right onto S John Young Pkwy. When you reach Commodity Cir, turn right, then turn left onto Futures Drive. 

Turn right on the next corner and do a left turn. Then you’ll find our daycare.

Because we’re so well located near many amenities and the busy business park, many parents find it a great location to drop off the children on their way to work.

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Clear Lake, Orlando, FL

Clear Lake, Orlando is a small town in the middle of the state of Florida. It has a population of around 14,000 and is home to about five churches. The average income for Clear Lake residents is $43,000, and it takes an average commute time of 18 minutes to get to work. One thing that’s interesting about this area is that it has numerous lakes within its boundaries, such as Blackwater Creek, Bear Lake Estates, and East Bayou. These lakes provide many recreational opportunities for locals, such as fishing or boating on the water with family members or friends during their free time. There is no shortage of places you can go out on these bodies of water! Clear Lake, Orlando has a few things to offer its residents to make fun and exciting living there. For example, Florida is known worldwide as a tourist hotspot, so it makes sense for Clear Lake to have some local attractions such as Disney World or Universal Studios. This article will discuss what kind of career opportunities this city has to offer and what kind of financial situation residents of Clear Lake, Orlando, find themselves in.

Clear Lake, Orlando, has a few new shopping centers that can cater to any shopper. These include Magnolia Plaza, Northlake Square Mall, and the State Road 46 mall. All three of these malls are located in the heart of Clear Lake, which means that you won’t have to drive across town to find what you’re looking for. The Clear Lake area also has some great restaurants that serve both American-style dishes and Asian cuisine. The city’s newest restaurant is Dennys China Bistro, which serves top-quality Chinese food at a price that won’t break your bank! This restaurant is next to the downtown area, making it a convenient place for after-work or weekend outings with friends and family. Residents of Clear Lake, Orlando, can expect to earn an average $43,000 per year. This is considered below the state’s average, which is around $46,000, but it is still enough to live comfortably in this city. If you’re planning on moving to Clear Lake and need a loan for your financial security, be sure to contact America First Credit Union, who may be able to help. They offer a range of services, including car loans and home refinancing, in addition to checking and savings accounts for customers. According to recent crime data, Clear Lake has a crime rate that’s below the state average. Generally speaking, you should feel safe in this town as long as you’re not alone late at night and always use common sense such as locking your doors or avoiding neighborhoods that might be considered shady.

Suppose you need additional safety measures for your home. In that case, there are plenty of security systems available such as ADT home security packages which can help deter burglars from breaking into your house. Alternatively, there are also alarm systems available for purchase that will alert the police if a burglar does break into your home. One thing to keep in mind is that there is a high amount of traffic in Clear Lake which means that the commute time to and from work can often be over an hour. This is especially true if you work in downtown Orlando, this city’s central business district and one of the largest areas for jobs in the state. The commute to and from Clear Lake to downtown Orlando can take as much as three hours each day, so it might be a good idea to move closer or find a job that’s closer to where you live.

The China Bistro is located in the heart of Clear Lake and is a popular after-work meeting place for many people who live nearby. It offers excellent Chinese food at a price that won’t break your wallet. Furthermore, it’s conveniently close to downtown Orlando so if you’re looking for a place to eat after work, be sure to check it out as you will almost definitely enjoy their menu, which includes wonton soup as well as beef lo mein. Another great restaurant in Clear Lake is The Seafood Shoppe. If you want seafood, this is the place to go, and they offer both American and Japanese food in a casual environment. It’s family-friendly, and its proximity to downtown Orlando makes it a great place for after-work outings, mainly because they have happy hour deals that include half-priced appetizers and drinks. This fresh sushi bar has a wide selection of sashimi, maki, nigiri, specialty rolls, and other items on its menu. They also offer hibachi dinner options during certain times of the week, so be sure to check it out if you want good-quality sushi at affordable prices.

If you’re looking for a quick bite to eat, then Subway might be able to help. This restaurant caters to people who are always busy and offers a range of sandwiches that can be made in just a few minutes. That being said, it’s close to downtown Orlando and if you’re working there for an extended period, be sure to check it out as they offer footlong subs on sale every Wednesday. If you want an Asian-style brunch, then Lai Lai Asian Fusion Restaurant is the place to go as their weekend brunch buffet offers a wide selection of dim sum, Chinese entrees, and other Asian dishes every Saturday and Sunday from 10:30 am to 3 pm. On weekdays they offer lunch specials which include hot and sour soup as well as egg rolls, so if you’re looking for a reliable spot to get Asian-style food, Lai Lai might be able to help.

The Clear Lake House is a historic site in this town and was built by the city’s founders as their primary residence. It’s now used as a museum by the local historical society, and it features original artifacts that date back to over 100 years ago, such as furniture and tableware. This is an excellent place for visitors who want to understand the history of Clear Lake, Florida, and it’s one of the most popular attractions in this town, so be sure to check it out if you’re interested. Buddha’s Secret Garden is another attraction that features a wide range of Asian plants and trees and a Japanese-style stone garden. They also offer yoga classes and other services aimed at helping you improve your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. This is an excellent place for people who want to learn about Eastern medicinal practices or take a walk in a beautiful garden setting. In addition to these fantastic attractions, Clear Lake also has a community center that offers a wide range of programs for the entire family. The center features six racquetball courts, an indoor heated pool, yoga classes, yearly art exhibits, cultural.

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