Learning about Guion Bluford

The Learning Center of South Park

Welcome back! This week ends our three-week-project on community helpers.
Week one, our children learned about the people who take care of us, such as doctors, dentists and nurses.
Week two, the children learned about the people who protect us, such as police officers, firefighters and emergency care workers.
This week’s focus is all about the people who provide for us, such as farmers, those people who harvest the food from the farm that gets to the store, to our homes, and construction workers, the people who build things, such as the homes we live in.
Finally, to end the unit, the children will discuss how community helpers help to make our lives
better by the work that they do. In continuation of Black History Month, the children will also
learn about Guion Bluford. He is the first African American to travel into space back in.


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