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The Learning Center of South Park serves parents who live or work in the Tangelo Park area of Orlando.

Here’s how to reach our daycare. From Tangelo Park, head toward W Sand Lake Rd, and slight right onto S John Young Pkwy. Turn right at the 1st cross street onto Commodity Cir. Then turn left onto Futures Drive.

Because we’re so well located near many amenities and the busy business park, many parents find it a great location to drop off the children on their way to work.

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Tangelo Park Orlando, FL

Tangelo Park, Orlando, is an unincorporated neighborhood of Orange County, Florida. A group of home builders started the settlement during the 1970s and 1980s. The development plans called for a community with 40,000 residents spread over a 946-acre parcel of land. The original plan included 1,500 acres for parks and open space as well as schools. It later turned out that those original plans were too expensive for the developers to handle independently. They needed to find outside investors to help finance Tangelo Park’s development. The first phase of Tangelo Park’s construction was completed in 1987 and included installing water lines, sewer lines, streets, lights, sidewalks, and other infrastructure. The building was completed in 1991.

There are currently 6,300 homes in Tangelo Park. Approximately 42% of the homes are owner-occupied, while renters occupy 58%. The average home price is about $130,000, while the median household income is around $41,000 per year. Tangelo Park’s motto is “A Place To Call Home,” a lovely quiet community where people get to enjoy life. It’s also a very safe place with no significant crimes in the neighborhood for over three years. It was recently brought to my attention that Tangelo Park may be the only city in Florida and one of the few places in America free of any registered sex offenders. I found this so interesting because it’s the only city in Florida where a Registered Sex Offender occupies every low-income home. However, those people don’t have your typical profile as most of them are below 18 years old and were just stupid enough to send some nude photos of themselves to a friend.

Tangelo Park is also the only city in Florida where every registered sex offender in the community has been castrated. However, I don’t think that this helped them in avoiding arrest.

Here are some more exciting facts about Tangelo Park:
There are no churches in

  • Tangelo Park, although there are several Jehovah’s Witnesses who regularly visit the homes of new residents.

  • There are no bars or liquor stores in Tangelo Park, although there is one “adult” book store that used to be located here before the city decided to get rid of it.

  • The nearest hospital is Florida Hospital South, two miles away from Tangelo Park’s city center.

  • Like most unincorporated communities in Florida, Tangelo Park doesn’t have a mayor or any other type of governing body to help the residents with their issues. Tangelo Park is “clean” and crime-free because everyone knows who belongs here and who doesn’t. If anyone ever decides to break the unwritten rules, hundreds of residents will defend their city and make sure that those people don’t return.

    Tangelo Park’s property taxes and sales tax income are used to finance a community park where all residents can gather for events such as Easter egg hunts and Christmas celebrations. The money made from property taxes also goes to pay for the salaries of social workers who patrol Tangelo Park’s streets and make sure that all children are safe.

  • Tangelo Park, Orlando, was founded by home builders in 1969. The community occupies 6 square miles (946 acres) and has over 42,000 residents.

  • If you’re wondering why most people in Tangelo Park are African American, it’s because the community was built for middle to upper-class African Americans, which is why only Caucasians were allowed to purchase homes in this subdivision. When white people learned this rule, they protested, so the original builders changed their policy and said that anyone could buy a house here as long as they had the money to pay for it.

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