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The Learning Center of South Park serves parents who live or work in the Southchase area of Orlando.

Here’s how to reach our daycare. Take the S Orange Ave, and turn left onto Zell Dr., Turn right onto United Way, and turn left onto Central Florida Pkwy. Turn right onto S John Young Pkwy, and use the second from the left lanes to turn left onto Destination Pkwy. Then turn right onto Futures Drive.

Take exit 255 for Consulate Dr and turn left onto Commerce Park Dr. Then turn right onto S John Young Pkwy, use the second from the left lane to turn left onto Destination Pkwy. Finnaly, turn right onto Futures Drive.

Because we’re so well located near many amenities and the busy business park, many parents find it a great location to drop off the children on their way to work.

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Southchase, Orlando, FL

Southchase is a country community in central Florida. The population of Southchase exceeds 5,000 people. It is an unincorporated area that has been completely developed. There are different commercial stores that are found in the area, including Publix, Walgreens, and Walmart. The community also has two major parks, which include Southchase Park and many other smaller ones.
One of the most famous attractions in Southchase is the Tree Tops water park. This attraction includes several swimming pools with slides at the higher levels where you can go down to the lower pools, which are also connected by stairs for safety purposes. There are also many activities you can do there such as playing basketball, volleyball or enjoying a picnic with your family.
This is a safe community where you can be relaxed and have fun with your friends or family. You can also walk in the many parks there, whether during the day or night.

One of the latest events in Southchase was held at a community-organized beach party on the shores of Lake Roth. It included a DJ and many different booths for food and drinks. People could swim, fish, or play volleyball in the sand.
In October, the community also had a Fall Festival that included games, pumpkin painting, and a costume contest that allowed people to show off their creativity. This event is held every year by the Southchase country club, and it is a big attraction for both children and adults.

Many school activities take place in Southchase, such as dance classes for kids and after-school programs. The community also has its arts and crafts center to do many different activities like making pottery or painting with watercolors. The community center is a central point for many activities and events that take place in Southchase. The history of Southchase dates back to the early 1970s when it was mainly an agricultural area; however, after completing one of the most significant highway expansions at SR 417 and University Boulevard, there has been a surge of growth within this area. Moreover, many people currently work and live in Southchase. It is also known as a peaceful community where most of the population consists of Caucasian citizens. However, this has recently started to change with an increase in the Hispanic and African-American population. Furthermore, several schools are located within or near Southchase, including Waterford, Edgewater, and Crystal Lake.

The infrastructure of Southchase is in good condition, with various roads like University Boulevard, SR 417, and Daniels Parkway that surround the community closely. These streets are also well known for their links to other areas such as Oviedo Mall, Florida Hospital anniversary, and many other parts of the city. Several neighborhoods and residences like Camden consist of medium-sized homes and townhouses with wide roads and excellent infrastructure.
The population in Southchase is increasing day by day; new houses and retail stores are being built to accommodate the growing number of people living in this area. This community provides good housing options and a wide range of stores to accommodate the needs of its citizens. Kroger supercenter and Publix are some major grocery stores that offer various products to residents living in Southchase. Moreover, Walmart is a trendy choice for purchasing appliances or electronics from one stop.

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