Maitland, Orlando, FL Daycare

The Learning Center of South Park serves parents who live or work in the Maitland area of Orlando.

Here’s how to reach our daycare. DRive toward Maitland Blvd and use the left lane to merge onto I-4 W via the ramp to Orlando/Tampa.

Use right 2 lanes to take exit 79, and merge onto S John Young Pkwy. Turn right onto Commodity Cir, and turn left onto Futures Drive.

Because we’re so well located near many amenities and the busy business park, many parents find it a great location to drop off the children on their way to work.

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Maitland, Orlando, FL

Maitland, Orlando, is a city in Florida. Even though it doesn’t have any significant attractions that would make for easy or popular tourist destinations, Maitland is home to the University of Central Florida. Maitland is also home to the Festival of Trees, one of the largest displays of Christmas trees in the United States. It embodies holiday spirit and beauty with over 300 live Christmas tree displays. The festival welcomes thousands of visitors each year who hope to enjoy all that this festive event offers. It’s also home to the Seminole County Fair Plaza, which hosts numerous events throughout the year, including concerts, plays, and other activities for children and adults.

Maitland was incorporated in the summer of 1915 after being part of several other towns. The town was named after Alexander Maitland, a railroad official who played an essential role in bringing the railroad line to Central Florida. Maitland’s population is 31,167 according to the 2010 census, which makes it approximately four times more significant than the state of Rhode Island. Maitland is home to the oldest still-working hardware store in America called ”Ye Ole Curiosity Shop”.

Maitland is a city that has much to offer any traveler looking for an escape from the ordinary. It’s located near Orlando, which means there are plenty of activities for all types of travelers. If you’re staying in Maitland, there is plenty to do on Disney property. Suppose you’re looking for some more nature-related activities, head over to the Orlando Wetlands Park, which has numerous trails and wildlife. Regardless of what your schedule is, Mait- land can accommodate it.

Maitland, Florida, is located approximately 13 miles northeast of downtown Orlando, making it an easy commute to the city. It’s also close enough to maintain its own unique identity while still absorbing the benefits of Orlando’s metropolitan area. Maitland was recently ranked as one of the best places to live in Florida, and it was chosen as a place to move due to its low crime rate, family-friendly environment, and high-quality schools.

The most popular restaurants in Maitland are Dur Dur Social Club and The Angry Pelican. Maitland has many good grocery stores. Some of my favorites are Publix, Walmart, and Walgreens. Maitland has a few great shopping centers such as ”The Promenade”. Maitland also has some smaller local shops like ”Ye Ole Curiosity Shop”.

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