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The Learning Center of South Park serves parents who live or work in the Boggy Creek area of Orlando.

Our daycare location is just a 18-minute drive from your area. Head east on Tradeport Dr toward Ringhaver Dr, and make a U turn at Ringhaver Dr. Continue onto W Taft Vineland Rd, and turn right onto S John Young Pkwy. Use the second from the left lane to turn left onto Destination Pkwy. Turn right onto Future’s Drive, and in two left turns, you’ll find us.

Because we’re so well located near many amenities and the busy business park, many parents find it a great location to drop off the children on their way to work.

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Boggy Creek, Orlando, FL

Boggy Creek, Orlando, is a small town with an average population of about 3,000 people. It’s located in the southern part of Florida and has seen its fair share of hurricanes over the years. Boggy Creek was initially founded by two brothers looking for an opportunity to settle down after their military service ended. The name Boggy Creek comes from when they first arrived at their land and found it full of bogs that had to be cleared out before building on it. They settled in this boggy area because no other available land nearby would have worked for them since many people lived there already. Their original house still stands today as one of the oldest homes in town, with some renovations done. Before there was a town to call Boggy Creek, the two brothers lived in a tent and set out to clear out their boggy land to build a home for themselves.

The story goes that one of them got lost one day while trying to clear the area, and though he walked all over hell, he couldn’t find his way back to camp. A day later, he was finally found by a search party, and they came upon a dead body not far from where he had been. This body turned out to be one of the brothers who had stumbled upon this boggy area and drowned in it before he could find help. The other brother left immediately after this happened, and the area soon became home to those looking for opportunity. Boggy Creek has seen many changes over the years as far as industry is concerned. There was a time when most of the people living in Boggy Creek worked at a plant that made paper, and they would typically commute into Orlando or Apopka, Florida, to perform their jobs. Many of those people left the area when that plant closed and since then there has been a slow effort to find business and industry to replace what used to be there. The downtown area is now filled with antique shops and small restaurants rather than the factories and paper plants that once stood proudly in Boggy Creek.

The biggest attraction to Boggy Creek, Orlando is Boggy Creek Monster. It’s rumored that there are creatures in the woods around Boggy Creek that can send shivers up your spine if you come across them. There have been sightings of these creatures over the years, and it has drawn tourists into town to see if they can catch a glimpse for themselves. The Boggy Creek monster has been in the news a few times and has made appearances on television shows such as The Legend of Boggy Creek, which aired on Animal Planet in 2010.

The most commonly sighted creature in these parts is an ape or bigfoot type animal that is 7 feet tall with red glowing eyes and long black hair all over its body. Speculation is that this creature is part of the local legend, which says that descendants of African slaves who ran to Boggy Creek’s forests to escape their captors are now living there in the woods. These people may be responsible for some of the Bigfoot-type sightings that go on around here. The story of Boggy Creek Monster is pretty interesting. A man named Charles B. Pierce made a documentary called The Legend of Boggy Creek in the 1970s about these creatures that live around Boggy Creek. It became an overnight sensation with many people throughout America. This was also done without the consent or knowledge of most residents. It didn’t paint Boggy Creek in the best light. It wasn’t until many years later that people started to accept this story as part of their history after the documentary’s damage, which scared people away from visiting Boggy Creek.

Today, there are plenty of things to see and do around Boggy Creek, Orlando. It’s a quaint town with some fascinating history behind it, and there are places that you can explore if you decide to visit this area of Florida. You can find out about Boggy Creek Monster tours in the local paper, where they let people know when he is seen again so they can come on down for some possible Bigfoot-type activity.

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