Learning About Community Contribution

We are wrapping up our holidays project this week.
Week 1: We discussed what holidays we celebrate in the US and also discovered some holidays that are celebrated in other places.
Week 2: We focused on a specific country and learned how they celebrate; preparing special foods, special decorations as well as other traditions.

This week, we will be learning how to contribute to our community during the holidays and through out the year.
First, the children will brainstorm how we can help people in need in our community. Where can we donate or volunteer to help our neighbors. We will research about the Ronald mc Donald house, good will, and the Salvation Army.

Then the children will think about what items they think they could donate to help kids like them in need and what types of things we could do to volunteer such as helping In a soup kitchen, etc.
We wish you and your family, a happy, healthy, and joyous holiday! May all the joys of the holiday season fill your heart and follow you throughout the coming year.


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