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Last week, we started the All About Me project with sharing some of our favorite things.

This week, we will be learning and sharing even more about ourselves . The children will have time to talk about and show their friends what special talents they have through song, dance, drawings, telling jokes or other talents.
We will also discuss and discover our 5 basic senses; touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste and how we use our senses to help us to navigate the world.

Then, the children will learn the different parts the eye and how to keep them safe, what different noises we hear throughout the day and if they are loud or quiet. We will also have some samples of things that we can smell and discuss , if we like those smells or not.

Lastly, we will discuss what foods we enjoy and using our sense of touch. Then, they will draw a picture representing an item from each sense that we use. Fun!


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